Bag Sewing Section
 Sewing Products Packing Section
 Computerized Sewing Section
 Raincoat Sewing Section
 High Frequency PVC Welding Section
 Semi-automatic High Frequency Welding Section
 High Frequency Products Packing Section
 Offset & Silkscreen Printing Section
 Computerized Embroidery Section
 Zipper Installing Section
 Metal Parts Painting Section
 Measure & Cutting Section
 Injection Molding Section
 Molding Section
 1,200 Sewing Machines
 40 Computerized Sewing Machine
 Cutting Die Mold for Computerized Sewing Machines
 Packing Section for the Sewing Department
 Sample Room for the Sewing Department
 20 High Frequency Welding Machines
 100 Semi-Automatic High Frequency Welding Machines
 Welding Mold for the Welding Machines
 Packing Section for the Welding Department
 Sample Room for the Welding Department
 Raincoat Section
 10 Computer Embroidery Machines in Embroidery Section
 6 PVC Piping Production Machines in Piping Section
 2 Metal Dying Drums in Metal Painting Section
 12 Zipper Machines in Zipper Installing Section
 Offset Printing & Silkscreen Printing Department
 8 Mirco-Injection Mold Machines in Micro-Injection Mold / Plastic       Parts Section
 7 Big Cutting Machines with 6 Small Cutting Machines in Cut & Trim       Section
 Artwork Department
 Q.C. Section (independent)
 I.Q.C. Section
 Engineering Department
 Transportation Department
 Raw Material Warehouse
 Finished Product Warehouse
 Training Section
 Security Section